Unlocking P&A ROI with Marketing Automation

Recently, we had the privilege of participating in an IAAPA Expo 2023 session discussing how Parks and Attractions can elevate their ROI through the strategic implementation of Marketing Automation. Guided by the insights of Spotlio’s Tim Samson, alongside the expertise of Tyler Jacobs, Director of Guest Engagement at Morey’s Piers, and TJ Christensen, CEO of BlueGator, the discussion walked step by step through Morey’s Piers’ successful strategy. This exploration not only showcased Morey’s pioneering strategies for maximizing return on investment through marketing automation but also revealed how they harnessed their innovation to streamline group sales, optimize third-party ticket sales, and master the art of accounting reconciliation. Ultimately, the right approach empowers parks and attractions of all sizes to drive heightened marketing ROI through the seamless integration of personalization and automation, all with less effort than the previous year. Let’s unravel the key takeaways that illuminate the pathway to success in the dynamic world of marketing automation.

There is no easy button. But there are resources that help.

The first takeaway emphasized the importance of planning, thoughtful execution, and time investment in the realm of marketing automation. While there’s no magic easy button, the session highlighted that anyone can embark on this journey with the right resources. Starting slow, gaining buy-in, and progressing steadily can yield results faster than anticipated.

Clean data is key.

The session underscored the pivotal role of clean, easily accessible data as the starting point for successful marketing automation. Emphasizing accuracy and accessibility, the key takeaway here is that your data quality sets the stage for effective marketing strategies.

Having patience in scaling.

Despite the excitement surrounding marketing automation, the session cautioned against moving too quickly. Trusting the process and scaling your efforts accordingly is crucial. Rushing may lead to resource wastage and a loss of momentum, underscoring the importance of strategic scaling.

Leverage the engagement methodology – Recency, Frequency, Duration, Spend.

An essential session component focused on the engagement methodology, emphasizing the significance of recency, frequency, duration, and spending in your automation planning. These elements serve as the building blocks for crafting a personalized and effective marketing strategy.

Design your guests’ experience.

The final takeaway encouraged attendees to step into their guests’ shoes. By considering what guests want, need, and think at each stage of their visit, businesses can design a more impactful and personalized experience. This customer-centric approach is a fundamental aspect of successful marketing automation. 

As we unravel the insights gained from our IAAPA session, The Ultimate Guide to Driving ROI Through Marketing Automation, it becomes clear that a strategic, patient, and customer-centric approach is the key to success. When it comes to any potential fear of adopting automation or testing at your park or attractions, “You have to forget about the way it was before,” says Tim Samson of Spotlio, “Nothing is immovable if it’s going to improve your business, as long as it doesn’t negatively impact the guest experience. The same old thinking nets the same old results.” 

From the foundational role of clean data to the intricacies of engagement methodology, these takeaways provide a roadmap for businesses aiming to navigate the exciting and rewarding landscape of marketing automation.

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