Cut Costs and Work Smarter with Your Resellers

One of the most overlooked channels in the sales channel mix of most resorts, parks, and destinations…


By resellers, we refer to travel agents, tour operators, and wholesalers; even the gas station down the road selling admission tickets. Irrespective of the exact marketing and sales mix for your resort, resellers have the potential to play a significant role in reaching customers who would otherwise miss your destination.

But, despite the importance of this sales channel, it’s often overlooked and held back by underinvestment. Resellers are usually working with out-of-date or unsuitable tools that hinder their ability to fulfill orders and build itineraries. Also, due to a lack of integration with the destinations themselves, resorts are forced to invest costly team member hours importing reseller itineraries and processing their sales. So, when we were asked by some of our world-leading, customers to develop a booking platform designed specifically for resellers, we knew we were on to a winner.

A strong track record
Spotlio’s B2B Direct Booking platform has long been recognized as an industry gold standard, helping destinations win more direct booking customers and improve conversion rates through a superior customer experience. So, after studying the needs of the resellers, we set about applying all of our online booking expertise to developing a powerful solution that would enable resellers to sell more and reduce the number of costly team member hours needed to manage the end users booking through the existing channels.

Efficiency through Design
We started off by designing a whole new front end that would give resellers the flexibility they need to grow their sales. Now, resellers can manage and control their customers’ reservations with ease, attaching new itineraries to guests without interrupting the whole booking flow. They can also add or remove guests to existing itineraries at any point during the booking process. With a truly intranet experience resellers will enjoy partnering with your destination and be empowered to work more and more with you and sell more for your destination.

Full Control Over Promo Codes
As well as reseller benefits, there are also some major gains for the destinations. One of the pain points we removed was the inability of resorts to effectively control and manage their promo codes. Margins and profits were being eroded through unauthorized sharing and accessing of these discount codes. But now, with Spotlio’s B2B Direct Booking Platform, promo codes remain hidden, no longer appearing in the URL. By keeping the codes hidden, even from the resellers themselves, destinations stay in full control with only destination personnel having the ability to assign promo codes, and authorize access. Destinations can even decide how each individual reseller will be paying.

Cost-Saving Bulk Uploader
Spotlio’s B2B Direct Booking Platform also provides a cost-saving Bulk Uploader that allows the upload of a very large number of itineraries in bulk, onto the destination’s Central Reservation System. Whether you receive itineraries via Excel files, emails, or faxes, costly time can be saved by removing the need to manually upload each itinerary. The Bulk Uploader allows you to import itineraries with lodgings, lift tickets, rentals, and more with a simple click and drag.

Spotlio is a trailblazing force in destination digital technology, offering tailor-made solutions — from apps to e-commerce, and almost everything in between — that redefine the way travelers interact with resorts, parks, and attractions. With a decade-long legacy of excellence, Spotlio empowers clients with innovative white label digital solutions and pricing services, fostering connections and enhancing experiences on a global scale. Request a demo to learn more.

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