Spotlio Leads Mobile App Innovation Across 9 Boyne Resorts

Boyne Resorts: 9 Unique Ski Resorts Across North America

Everett Kircher, Founder of Boyne Resorts

Boyne Resorts has a fascinating history rooted in Everett Kircher’s vision and determination to create exceptional mountain destinations. It’s impressive how a $1 investment in 1947 paved the way for the development of Boyne Mountain, leading to the expansion and success of Boyne Resorts across North America. Today, Boyne Resorts operates 9 mountain destinations including the iconic Big Sky, The Highlands, and the Canadian resort of Cypress Mountain, host of the Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding events of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Boyne employs around 7,000 full-time and seasonal staff, while welcoming nearly 4 million ski visitors yearly. It’s remarkable to see how this family-run business continues to flourish, maintaining it’s strength and growth in an ever-evolving industry. Their commitment to providing exceptional experiences for guests and nurturing a strong team is undoubtedly a key factor in their ongoing success.

Meeting Guests Where They Are: On Their Mobile Devices

In their relentless pursuit of excellence, Boyne Resorts decided to develop a set of destination apps for their premier resorts that would delight customers with vacation enriching functionality and live information while doubling as a pivotal mobile sales platform. Following a thorough and comprehensive research into available options and providers, Spotlio was chosen as their partner for this ambitious initiative.

Currently, all nine of the Boyne Resorts have successfully launched their own fully branded mobile destination app. These apps are entirely customized for each resort and can be centrally managed or individually handled by the resorts themselves through an intuitive console. This console facilitates real-time modifications to structure, design, and content management, ensuring seamless adaptability.

Impact – Soaring Guest Adoption Rates and Increased Mobile Revenue

Recent data showcases that resorts have been reaping real benefits since the implementation of these guest apps over multiple seasons. From November 2022 to March 2023, each resort’s app has been consistently sought out and downloaded every single day. Now, most guests at these resorts see the app as a vital part of their day to day experience within the resort, serving as a vital tool for planning, purchasing, tracking activities with GPS, accessing real-time information, viewing trail maps, and post-ski-day activity recaps. These cutting-edge destination apps have evolved into primary sales channels, embraced by guests for various stages of their resort visit.

These state-of-the-art destination apps are also effective data gathering tools which provide the marketing department with detailed customer profiles and preferences. This valuable information can then be shared and used to improve the overall experience of the guests across all the resorts and to precisely target promotions and communications.

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