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Make the most of every day

When prices automatically increase in response to consumer demand, you’ll never leave money on the table. Catalate’s dynamic pricing model ensures you’re capturing yield and revenue every day of the season.

Create urgency to buy now

Dynamically priced inventory, with limited availability per price point, encourages customers to ‘buy now’ instead of waiting until later. By selling in advance, you don’t have to worry if bad weather or a hangover will keep a guest from visiting your resort or attraction.

Maximize return on marketing spend

Offering the right price at the right time improves online conversion rates. Catalate’s pricing services help you find the perfect price for each consumer whether its 6 months or 2 days in advance of their trip. By improving conversion rates, you’ll also spend fewer dollars on marketing to drive the same return.

The ultimate buying experience

Catalate’s Cloud Store is designed to turn browsers into buyers. A streamlined checkout process combined with responsive design means businesses who choose Cloud Store choose faster checkouts.

Flexible APIs for distribution

Catalate’s APIs enable resorts and attractions to distribute their pricing beyond their own website for expanded reach. Whether used for 3rd party distribution, native mobile apps, or any idea you dream of, you’ll have a single source of inventory in Catalate’s system.


Automated Dynamic Pricing

Pricing strategies that respond to demand in real-time ensure that you’re maximizing revenue and yield each day of the season.

Responsive Design

Cloud Store, Catalate’s online ticketing soltution, looks great on desktop and mobile so that customers can easily make purchases no matter what device they prefer.

Urgency Notifications

Callouts on Cloud Store let customers know that tickets are limited at each price point, so they shouldn’t wait to buy.

APIs for Distribution

Flexible APIs are available for resorts and attractions to expand their distribution reach beyond direct bookings.

Real-time Dashboards

Catalate’s back-end tools show sales and demand in real-time so you know how your strategy is performing at all times.

Multiple Payment Methods

Offering customers multiple payment methods means they can choose the option they are most comfortable with and checkout faster.

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Gulf Islands Waterpark attributes overall business growth to online sales

Mark Moore, GM, says the online buying experience of Catalate’s Cloud Store played a key role

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