What You’ll Get:

Ticketed attractions, including theme parks, waterparks, and ski resorts, have continued to evolve their online sales platform. A data-driven pricing strategy paired with best-in-class, e-commerce tools helps ticketed attraction businesses significantly improve online sales efficiency and drive incremental revenue.

Whether you are thinking about introducing online ticketing software or simply upgrading your current digital sales system, this white paper will detail everything operators need to know about implementing a successful, tailored e-commerce and pricing strategy. This handy resource is your go-to guide for:

Learnings & Benefits:

  • Brief history of ticketing attractions industry
  • 6 reasons to create an e-commerce & Dynamic Pricing strategy
  • Elements to look for an e-commerce platform
  • Designing the optimal buying experience
  • Key metrics and how to measure e-commerce efficiency
  • E-commerce security & data privacy
  • Real-world success examples

The Complete Guide to Online Sales for Ticketed Attractions