Gausta and Spotlio’s 5-Year Partnership

Gausta Resort: A Norwegian Paradise

Gausta is a popular destination located in the heart of Telemark, Norway. Founded in 1954, it has become a favorite destination for many outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world. Additionally with over 35 kilometers of ski slopes, Gausta offers a wide range of skiing and snowboarding opportunities for all levels of experience. The year round resort is known for its stunning natural beauty, with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and forests. In addition to skiing, visitors can enjoy a variety of other activities, such as padel, ice skating, E-biking, padel boarding, and enjoying saunas. Whether you’re a seasoned mountain goer or it’s your first time, Gausta is the perfect place to experience the thrill of the Norwegian outdoors in a stunning natural setting.

Gausta and Spotlio’s 5-Year Partnership

Gausta and Spoltlio go way back. As of today, the relationship between Gausta and Spotlio is now 5 years going strong- they began improving their tech stack with Spotlio back in 2018. Gausta has been committed to providing an advanced and improved customer experience through technology, and for the last 5 years Spotlio and Gausta have crafted a mobile app, a website, interactive maps, and a full online commerce system together. The goals were to improve the customer experience, increase online sales, and create a platform of services that will be agile for years to come. 

Spotlio’s Platform Streamlines Gausta’s Online Experience

Spotlio was chosen by Gausta due to our collaborative approach to achieving their objectives. We provided one simple platform for Gausta to manage their entire online tech stack, enabling agile updates across their resort information, mobile app, website, maps, and online shops. Customers benefit from a uniform and streamlined online experience with advanced app technology to use before, during and after their stay, and an online shop allowing them to seamlessly book lodging, restaurants, and activities without leaving the main booking page. The resort map also displays wait times, current location, and real time info.

The website is perfectly designed for showcasing the destination and optimizing sales. Spotlio and Gausta’s combined commitment to quality platforms ensures that customers’ lives are made as easy as possible. Gausta can now update information across all platforms in one click, benefit from a combined user CRM, and enjoy increased profits from happy customers.

In it for the Long Run

Now that all systems are a go, from here the evolution will continue as the Gausta and Spotlio platform evolve together in the long run. The ease of managing their entire tech stack from one platform has saved Gausta crucial time where they once had to update several platforms, and the usability and user experience for guests has resulted in increased online sales and profits. Gausta & Spotlio’s partnership thrives with 12,083 active app users (2022-23) and a stellar 4.3/5 App Store rating. Customers benefit from a uniform and easy-to-use online experience, and Gausta can spend the rest of their time continuing to provide a dream destination and experience for outdoor enthusiasts.

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