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Optimize revenue with Dynamic Pricing

Catalate builds a customized plan that offers the right price at the right time for your amusement park. We take the hard work out of selling tickets and passes online with Dynamic Pricing that shifts based on demand. Customers are enticed to buy early, while also maximizing your online advanced revenue.

A seamless customer experience from home to your attraction

Your customers will love shopping for amusement park tickets on your Cloud Store. The purpose-built attraction ticketing software makes it easy to purchase tickets and ride packs directly on your website.

The Catalate team is your team

From store creation to 7 day/week inventory management, we do all the work for you so you can focus on creating a fantastic experience on-site. With Catalate’s Revenue Sharing model, your success is our success.


Ticket Packages

Offer ride ticket packages with amusement park ticketing software. Partners increase advanced sales and reduce operational costs for in-person redemptions. Keep the lines short and provide happy guest experiences.

Timed Ticketing

Offer time-based attraction tickets, such as afternoon or morning tickets, so you know exactly when customers will arrive. This helps operational planning and reduces staffing inefficiencies.

Ticket Distribution

Get your tickets in front of millions of people searching for tickets on Google with Catalate’s free Things to Do integration. Partners start increasing online sales in weeks.

Rain Guarantee

Give your guests a guaranteed refund if it rains on their arrival date, while also keeping revenue earned from their purchase with Catalate’s rain guarantee program.

Analytics & Reporting

Catalate’s real time dashboards and pricing analysis is delivered directly to your inbox, with a dedicated account manager to work with you on optimizing your attraction plan throughout all seasons.

Dedicated Support

Catalate comprehensive customer support with experienced teams of real people are available 7 days a week, including holidays, to answer any of your questions and help with inventory management.

Solutions leading amusement parks count on

“Before Catalate we had e-commerce and a way to sell tickets, but now we truly have a partner.”

Guest Services Manager, Tyler Jacobs @ Morey’s Piers

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