Spotlio Welcomes Benjamin Faden as Chief Revenue Officer to Drive Growth and Innovation

Spotlio, a trailblazer in destination digital technology for the ski resort, parks, and ticketed attractions sector, announces the appointment of Benjamin Faden as its Chief Revenue Officer. Ben’s multifaceted experience in leadership consulting and successful tenure in hospitality tech position him perfectly to lead Spotlio’s strategic initiatives for growth and innovation.

Ben’s professional trajectory extends beyond business, encompassing ten years of dedicated service in the realm of politics, wherein he managed state and national campaigns, showcasing his expertise in campaign management and finance.

Over the past 12 years, Ben has left an indelible mark on Tripleseat, launching two groundbreaking products in the Hotel and Restaurant / Family Entertainment sectors. His efforts extended across the United States, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Ben’s global expansion experience prompted leadership to entrust him with launching Tripleseat in Europe in 2022. There he established an on-the-ground presence in London and assumed responsibility for the European GTM strategy. Throughout this remarkable journey, Ben witnessed Tripleseat’s transformation into a global powerhouse, boasting 200 employees and a customer base of 15,000 across 38 countries.

With a desire for new challenges and an appetite for leading companies through monumental growth, Ben was naturally drawn to Spotlio. Spotlio’s vision of revolutionizing the resorts and attractions sector aligns with Ben’s hospitality technology expertise, igniting his eagerness to craft a groundbreaking commercial strategy.

Ben enthusiastically shares, “This new opportunity with Spotlio represents the chance to foster innovation across the entire destination technology space.”

“The appointment of Ben Faden is another important step in Spotlio’s strategy. Ben’s extensive experience and dedication to delivering unparalleled value align perfectly with Spotlio’s vision to elevate destination technology and significantly increase customer-centricity. We’re thrilled to have him on board,” says Spotlio CEO, Christian Erlandson.

Spotlio is poised to drive innovation, facilitate growth, and create transformative customer experiences in the ever-evolving world of destination technology.

Spotlio welcomes Ben Faden and looks forward to achieving new milestones together.

Spotlio is a trailblazing force in destination digital technology, offering tailor-made solutions – from apps to e-commerce, and almost everything in between – that redefine the way travelers interact with resorts, parks, and attractions. With a decade-long legacy of excellence, Spotlio empowers clients with innovative white label digital solutions and pricing services, fostering connections and enhancing experiences on a global scale.

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