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App core features

With over 3.9 million downloads and a 4.6 out of 5 average rating across 37,000 reviews, our app resonates with users and offers valuable features to your guests.


Make it easy for guests to purchase with our in-app online commerce tool. Increase conversion rate by as much as 25% with hassle-free transactions for ticket purchases, last-minute offers, promotions, QR code redemption, coupons, and more.

Meet guests where they are and create a direct line of communication with the one thing they carry all day: their phone. Send special offers, information on upcoming events, and segment your communications to ensure your guests always receive the most relevant information.

We blend outdoor exploration and tech-driven engagement to bring visitor activities to life. This tool produces in-depth statistics, 3D track videos, leaderboards & trophies, and shareable photos for guests’ social feeds.

Our user-friendly business directory effectively provides information at users’ fingertips and encourages engagement with rotating banner images, call-to-action buttons, interactive maps, native content, and intuitive organization options.

Integrating real-time lift and trail status details into a resort management system is a win-win for both guests and the resort itself. This transparency helps visitors plan their activities effectively, minimizing waiting times and maximizing enjoyment.

Make your destination unforgettable with home screen widgets that showcase your park’s information at a glance. Guests can easily access webcams, lift & trail statuses, grooming, weather & snow conditions, parking, and more.

Spotlio’s technology continuously evolves with the latest innovations to keep your platform agile and relevant. We can integrate with almost any third-party API and SDK to bring any tool you desire to your platform.

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Enhance your app’s potential with Management Console

Effortlessly update and modify your app’s content with the aid of our intuitive Management Console. This essential backend tool empowers you with control, enabling seamless changes to your app’s information for improved customer communications.

Powerful analytics to make data-driven decisions

Spotlio’s Management Console provides comprehensive analytics, offering insights into product performance and user interactions. This level of data access empowers you to optimize based on real-time customer engagement, enabling quick and informed decision-making.

The CRM functionality allows convenient access to downloadable and exportable lists of app users’ information, enhancing your ability to manage and nurture customer relationships effectively.

Additional App features & services

Interstitial banners

Highlight vital communications to your customer base through a prominent banner with customizable call-to-actions. This banner will appear as users open the app, guaranteeing that important communications are delivered.

Multiple destinations in one app

Consolidate all your offerings and offer a unified experience by making individual destinations accessible through the same app. Bring together diverse services and content within a single platform, providing users with a centralized hub for all your offerings.

App promotional tools

In addition to your app, we offer a variety of impactful promotional tools designed to boost engagement. These include support for App Store Optimization (ASO), management of online reputation, creating a polished and professional presence on app stores, frequent app updates, and a wealth of marketing and tutorial materials to aid users.

Interactive Map platform

Experience our dynamic and fully interactive 2D and 3D maps, providing comprehensive coverage of every facet of your destination. Our maps encompass everything from slopes to points of interest, and from rides to trails. Users can filter information and navigate various areas to access information on offerings, including products and services that are bookable directly within the map.

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