Elevate the on-site experience

Spotlio’s 2D & 3D maps bring the entire resort experience to guests’ fingertips, highlighting touchpoints across your destination to enrich customers’ on-site experience.

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Showcase your resort or attraction in premium detail

Complete Map Platform

The beautifully designed iSki Resort Interactive Maps offer an advanced solution tool for navigation and orientation within ski resorts. Combining design aesthetics with functional features, digital maps contribute to memorable and seamless guest experiences.

Increase Online Revenue

This sophisticated tool goes beyond simple navigation and revolutionizes revenue generation with effective out-of-the-map booking experiences. We incorporate booking capabilities that optimize customer flow and streamline production costs which have a profound impact on operations, marketing efforts, and bottom line.

Your Resort in 360°

The 3D interactive map is the most realistic digital map, providing a unique 360° view of the entire resort and real-time opening status of slopes and lifts. By focusing on usability, data collection, personalization, and engagement, these maps generate more customer-data touchpoints. Available for App and Web.

Offer a dynamic experience with interactive 2D maps

With over 2,500 resorts worldwide already digitized, our well-designed 2D maps provide interactive, relevant, and up-to-date information that goes far beyond what static maps offer.

Trail and lift maps

Showcase a digital map of your ski park with expertise level-based run details, trails, and points of interest to empower visitors to make the most of their ski day.

Spotlio’s maps were built with integrations in mind and work seamlessly across devices and your existing website. Foster a holistic enjoyable experience that increases user satisfaction.

Our advanced filter and search fields are designed to embrace modern expectations with convenient, efficient, and custom user-centric options for both tech-savvy individuals and those who might be visiting for the first time.

Depending on the system you’re currently using, our Resort Management Platform allows you to easily update content. A simple and quick assessment of your system is all that’s needed to get started.

State-of-the-art 3D interactive maps

Leverage cutting-edge technologies to bring your park to life in a three-dimensional space. The most visual way to showcase your destination is with a panoramic 360° interactive view.

Live trail & lift maps

Show slope gradient, length, and difficulty levels along with the live status of lifts that update customers on expected queue times and if they are opened or closed.

Users will be able to see their current location and manage their interests through the Geolocalized Information Management platform with touristic offers such as photos, links to websites, phone numbers, and the “Take me there” option.

Let customers relive their entire ski days with in-depth GPS tracking and analysis. Replay video of their tracks on the 3D map highlighting their activities including the highest altitude, slope decent stats, and photos taken along the tracks.

Offer customers an easy-to-use booking process that automatically generates new app sections: restaurants, accommodation, ski schools, and more.

Manage Maps in real-time

With our complete Resort Management Console, you can easily add, remove, and update map content to ensure your guests have an effortless experience navigating your resort. Share the difficulty levels of each track, first aid stations, parking access, resort conditions, and activities during each season.

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