The ticketed attraction industry comes with unique aspects that make it complicated to ensure you are providing your guests a memorable experience, rather than just a product or service. As guest behaviors evolve, companies are scrambling to understand what exactly guests expect and how to deliver to higher standards with a seamless customer journey. Additionally, the pressures of dealing with unpredictable attendance, running multiple departments, and feeling the pain of being short-staffed pose constraints to operational planning, nevermind preparing for a potential economic downturn. 

Join us as we unpack critical pain points that parks and attractions encounter and discuss strategic solutions that will help safeguard your attraction in any circumstance. These solutions aren’t just for your guests; attendees will learn ways to remove barriers to success and insights to improve internal operations to ensure better employee and guest experiences in the future.

You will learn: 

  • Changing expectations of guests & attracting new customers
  • Balancing seasonal demand & driving revenue growth year-round  
  • How to navigate technology solutions & automation for scale
  • Predicting operational costs & mitigating seasonal staffing issues 
  • Explosion of data. Everyone has first-party data but what do you do with it?


Tim Samson, Director of Sales, Catalate

André Ross, General Manager, Fallsview Indoor Waterpark

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