Would You Serve Champagne in Plastic Cups?

Spotlio’s mobile apps provide a range of powerful tools aimed at elevating your guests’ experience. Much like savoring Champagne from the appropriate glassware to fully appreciate its qualities, your ski resort, waterpark, or attraction’s app should similarly feature native content to ensure an exceptional customer experience. Native content, unlike a website link, is designed specifically for mobile apps and ensures a truly first-class user experience. Thanks to a seamless mobile-first design and quicker loading times, customers will keep coming back for more.

In fact, the average loading time for a business profile in a Spotlio app is between 0.5 and 1 second, and 0 seconds if the content was previously loaded during the same session. In contrast, a web page can sometimes take multiple seconds to load with normal Wi-Fi coverage, with times increasing considerably with the slower connection speeds where towers are more infrequent. And, as we all know, demanding mobile users will be long gone by then.

Also, when you use native content to generate businesses, points of interest, and communications they can be:

  • Geolocated, allowing customers to use their mobile devices to find their way to these locations
  • Ordered by proximity to the user, to always show the most relevant options
  • Linked to push notifications, an option especially important in times of pandemic where protocol can change rapidly and customers need to be kept up to date
  • Promoted through clickable banners in the app

What’s more, all native content can be linked to an external website to provide additional information and traffic to your webpage, 

Don’t guess, measure.

Last but not least, by switching from web links to using more native content, your customers will spend more time in the app which allows you to track their behavior and gather important data via the Management Console’s analytics section giving you a better understanding of your guests and the performance of your app. You can use this valuable data to analyze and adjust your online or mobile marketing strategy.

But isn’t native content more time-consuming to generate and update?

No, most native content is easy to generate and can be kept up to date with the same feeds used by your website.

I don’t want to lock my customers inside the app.

Don’t worry, all the native content can be linked to an external link to provide additional information and bring traffic to your webpage, it’s a win-win.

It’s time to give your customers the full experience. So, put away the plastic cups and pull out the champagne flutes or coupes!

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