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Commerce B2B

Improve efficiency and reduce man hours

Work smarter and more efficiently with your travel agents and tour operators

Full control over your B2B sales channel

Offer your tour operators and travel agents an authentic intranet experience saving costly man hours with a B2B commerce solution designed specifically for resellers offering a:

  • Powerful feature set
  • Smart and flexible UI
  • Seamless Inntopia integration

Manage your resellers with more granularity

The ability to manage each of your resellers individually allowing you to:

  • Hide and reveal packages for each reseller without creating multiple sales channels
  • Set up and assign different sales channels with different payment methods for each reseller
  • Assign specific discount codes to specific resellers
  • Protect and prevent unauthorized sharing of your discount codes

Reduce costs with our Bulk Itinerary Uploader

Our Bulk Itinerary Uploader is a game-changer. It allows products and packages sold via any non-Inntopia integrated software, or even over the phone, to be uploaded in bulk to the Inntopia CRS. This improves profitability of destinations and resorts by reducing costly man hours.


Great flexibility built in that gives you:

  • More control over sales channels resulting in less URLs to manage.
  • B2B online sales analytics that give you data regarding sales per product category, package, and reseller.
  • Advanced package-building capabilities without product limitations.

An intuitive user interface for agents and resellers

Greater flexibility

A front end that helps build your brand with more customization capabilities that improves the performance of travel agents by allowing them to:

  • Switch between guests without interrupting the booking funnel and having to start from scratch
  • Create a new guest at any point of the search and booking process
  • Access more options at checkout and save reserved itineraries with ease

Improve the customer experience with quicker search speeds

The performance of the B2B feature set with its image size optimization and advanced caching technology ensures that tour operators can retrieve search results more quickly.

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