Now that the barriers of travel have been lifted how do you plan to keep your in-state guest engaged and coming back for more? Customer loyalty is more important than ever and knowing how to foster and grow that loyalty is the focus of this webinar.

Jen Roe and Derek Slayton share strategies to turn your newfound guests into super-fans and brand evangelists. Putting the puzzle together takes cohesive brand practices, delivering a positive user experience on your website, a consistent digital presence that converts, and in-person experience that confidently says, “We’re so glad that you are here.”

By the end of the webinar, you’ll have learned:

  • How to deliver a cohesive brand message across digital and in-person interactions
  • How to effectively communicate about your e-commerce and pricing strategy to customers
  • How to turn visitors into repeat customers by creating brand loyalty

Derek Slayton
Jen Roe

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