How Wet ‘n Wild Waterworld Surpassed Pre-Pandemic Online Ticket Revenue in 2021 After Partnering with Catalate

Wet N Wild Waterpark

We all remember the panic of March 2020. Businesses were shutting down, houses were locking down and the future of the resort & attractions industry was terrifyingly unknown. 

As the spring rolled into summer 2020, Wet n’ Wild Waterworld was challenged with operating their Anthony, Texas park at 25% capacity, no easy feat for any business whose primary revenue period is limited to 5 months of the year. 

After a challenging summer battling capacity restraints and state mandates, Wet n’ Wild Waterworld partnered with Catalate for the 2021 summer with 5 main goals in mind.

Goals for the season:

  • Match or exceed online revenue from 2019.
  • Implement a reliable software where they could sell tickets online and have a more efficient guest ticket purchasing process. 
  • Understand how to price online tickets effectively using a dynamic pricing strategy. 
  • Have the ability to adjust their online pricing based on demand to maximize online revenue. 
  • Have the ability to track availability online based on pre-sale and adjust operations and staff accordingly.
Ecommerce for Attractions
Cabanas were among the most popular products reserved online in 2021.

“One of the main reasons we partnered with Catalate was because of the benefits of using a dynamic pricing strategy. We wanted the ability to maximize revenue on peak periods as well as fill slower days. Seeing booking trends and being able to adjust our online pricing strategy on the fly is a huge plus for us,” said Chandra Edwards, President of Wet ‘n Wild Waterworld. 

Throughout the summer Wet ‘n Wild worked with Catalate’s analytics team and account manager to adjust their pricing strategy as needed based on pre-purchase booking trends. With this new pricing strategy paired with operational demand, the waterpark achieved their goal of surpassing their 2019 online sales, up 411%!

Ecommerce for Ticketing Businesses
The waterpark surpassed their online sales goal while utilizing Catalate’s e-commerce platform and dynamic pricing strategy.

Also having the ability to access reporting on booking trends and date-specific demand, a feature they did not have with their previous e-commerce software partner, was a game-changer for the waterpark team.“Being able to log into the dashboard, see booking trends and anticipate demand was extremely helpful to not only to our ticket pricing strategy but also helped us plan staffing and other operational needs,” said Edwards. 

So if you’re asking yourself, will my business ever get back to the pre-pandemic numbers? With the right pricing & e-commerce partner, anything is possible. For more on how Catalate can help your business, from pricing strategy to full-service support, request a demo.

Catalate is a global pricing and e-commerce company empowering ski resorts, parks, and attractions to increase online revenue. As the only purpose-built ticketing platform for the industry, Catalate has developed successful strategies for hundreds of Partners across $1 billion in online sales. Get in touch today.

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