How Cloud Store, Dynamic Pricing Increased Yield & Improved Visitation Patterns for Chicopee Resort 

Selling snow tubing tickets online

For years, Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort sold tubing tickets offline for specific time slots and employed a static pricing strategy using a mix of discounted and full-price admission prices.

The resort offered an ‘early bird special’ that was quite popular and drove people to the hill first thing in the morning. However, after that, ticket prices were static and increased to the full price ‘window rate’ for both adults and children. While this approach worked to fill the morning hours, it strained operations and resulted in long lines and a less-than-optimal customer experience. Not to mention, some days, it left the hill looking almost empty come the later afternoon hours, even though staffing levels remained constant.

Online tickets for tubing

Chicopee management knew something had to be done, and started looking for a platform that could not only keep up with demand but spread it equally throughout the day.

In 2021, Chicopee chose Catalate’s Cloud Store e-commerce platform coupled with their PaaS (pricing as a service) for its robust feature set and exceptional customer service.

Mandy Dittmann, Chicopee’s Facility Manager said, “Business changes so rapidly for us. We’re very weather dependent. We needed e-commerce and pricing software to keep up with demand and also a platform that had great support.”

After integrating Catalate into their business operations during the COVID pandemic, not only are Chicopee’s ticket sales more evenly distributed throughout the day, but the average yield has increased as well.

Now, Chicopee’s busiest time is spread from 1-4 PM instead of having everyone show up first thing in the morning.

Selling tubing tickets online

Moreover, evening ticket sales volume, starting at 4:30 pm, are now 13% higher than those for the 9am-noon time slots.

Best of all, the average price of an adult tubing ticket is now $CAD29.77, which is 29% higher than before Chicopee partnered with Catalate.

“Now we’re steady throughout the whole day. Dynamic pricing definitely helps us to plan our staffing and I can count on one hand the amount of complaints we’ve had. Our reviews have been really great,” Mandy said.

“There is no turning back for us,” Mandy added. “I kind of regret that we didn’t work with Catalate sooner. It has 100% helped our business and customers are much happier. This was definitely one positive thing that came out of COVID.”

To learn more about how dynamic pricing and modern e-commerce can help your business make more money online and improve operational efficiency, reach out today. 

Catalate is a global pricing and e-commerce company empowering ski resorts, parks, and attractions to increase online revenue. As the only purpose-built ticketing platform for the industry, Catalate has developed successful strategies for hundreds of Partners across $1 billion in online sales.

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