VIDA FESTIVAL, Barcelona (Spain)

Music Festival App for the 3-day Vida Festival

"We urgently needed a flexible, easy-to-update, all-year-round app. We decided to go with SPOTLIO because they make sure their apps are always at the leading edge of technology and they have the experience to solve the communication issues we had with our audience."

Javi Vázquez

Director de Producción en Vida Festival

Active Solutions

Mobile App
Vida Festival is an annual music event attended by more than 32,000 fans with live performances from some of the worlds most current Indie bands. In order to better engage with their followers and those who attend the festival and concerts, the event organisers chose SPOTLIO to develop an app that would be live all year round and jam-packed with fresh, easy-to-handle and update content and design.

SPOTLIO’s app platform with an intuitive management console allows app owners to improve the user experience by giving them live event information as well as a means of social interaction. It also integrates mobile ticketing, promotions and many other outputs positioning itself as the main communications channel for the event which helps build brand strength and a sense of community throughout the year.

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