interactive 2d 3d map generator maker

Interactive Maps

Maps for enhanced orientation and effective visit planning

Showcase your destination

Wow customers with beautifully designed maps

A complete map platform offering:

  • Full navigation and orientation throughout your resort for guests
  • Increased user engagement generating more customer-data-producing touchpoints
  • An improved customer experience
  • More direct online sales with an effective, out-of-the-map booking experience
  • Live conditions updates via our operational module
  • High quality printable 2D maps created from precise, computer generated 3D versions
  • Improved customer flow and spillover effects avoided
  • Quick updating and flexible customization with an easy-to-use backend
  • 3D video of ski tracks
  • Responsive web page & in-app version
  • Summer and winter options
  • Long-term commitment to environmental sustainability

Experts in different mapping techniques

With over 10 years of industry experience perfecting the product to give you the most advanced digital maps on the market

Interactive 2D Maps

 The classic slope map, now interactive and engaging. Includes:

  • Points of interest, parking, roads and businesses together with additional information such as opening hours and available facilities
  • Trail maps and lift maps that show difficulty of slopes as well as the opening state
  • Multi-device optimization, perfect for use within our mobile destination apps and your website
  • Filter options for customers to focus in on their locations of interest
  • Integrations available upon assessment of system
  • Easy updating and customisation with our Map Management Console


Printable options for 2D maps created from computer generated 3D maps offering a highly accurate geographical representation. This means you can add the precise locations of:

  • Points of interest
  • Roads, trails, ski tracks, biking trails and lifts
  • Parking, access points and much more

Impress your customers with a state-of-the-art 3D interactive map

The most visual and engaging way to showcase your mountain destination:

  • Trail maps that show slope gradient, length and difficulty levels
  • Lift maps that show live status and can even update customers on expected queue times
  • Users will be able to see their current location on the map
  • Precise location of points of interest, parking, roads and businesses together with additional information such as descriptions and photos
  • Full overview of open and close status for lifts and runs
  • Allow customers to focus in on their locations of interest with flexible filter and search options
  • Let customers relive their ski days with in depth GPS tracking and an analysis of their entire ski day, replaying a video of their tracks on the 3D map
  • Direct out-of-the-map commerce offering customers an easy-to-use booking process
  • Provide a panoramic 360° interactive view of the entire resort
  • Available for App and Web

The perfect easy-to-use tool for managing your maps in real time

Interactive Map Maker Builder Developer 3d 2d Ski Generator 4

Manage your maps with ease

With our Map Management Console you can easily add, remove and update map content such as:

  • Ski and biking trail routes or trail difficulty levels and lengths
  • Live ski lift information
  • Points of Interest, first aid stations, roads, tracks, parking, access points, etc.
  • Business information such as a description, phone number, images, etc.
  • Activities on offer during different times of the year

Resort Management Platform

Update maps at any time with live resort conditions such as:

  • Snow conditions
  • Webcams
  • Lift status
  • Trail status
  • Points of interest information

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