Frequently asked questions and answers

Q: Who owns your Mobile Destination Guide app?
A: All Mobile Destination Guide app are owned by the business or organization that creates them and fully white label. In app stores, SPOTLIO will be listed as the developer for native iOS and Android apps. However, upon request, SPOTLIO can publish the app in the owner’s name.

Q: Will Spotlio take care of getting the app published on iTunes and Google Play store?
A: Yes. We take care of publishing your app in the iTunes and Google play app stores and also ensure your app presence is up to date. SPOTLIO manages the full life cycle of your app which includes the launch and ongoing technical maintenance and updating.

Q: Will Spotlio load all content provided into the app for launch of the app or will the customer staff be responsible for loading content into the app for launch?
A: Yes, SPOTLIO carries out all of the initial set-up work including content upload prior to launch. We also ensure all local data feeds are connectioned and train the customer team on how to use the SPOTLIO Management Console.

Q: Does SPOTLIO support multiple languages?
A: SPOTLIO apps support up to 6 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Catalan. SPOTLIO Management Console supports English, German and Spanish.

Q: Can you elaborate on how you promote the app?
A: The main role that SPOTLIO plays in promoting your Mobile Destination Guide app is the creation of a state-of the art App Store presence. This includes the app icon, screenshots from within the app, the name of the app, and an App Store Optimized (ASO) keyword string and text describing the app content and functionality. For an example see Engadin St. Moritz. We also offer an APP PROMOTIONAL POWER PACK which includes guaranteed downloads, an APP PROMOTIONAL SCREENCAST VIDEO and the production of a dynamic APP HOMEPAGE to be used in any of your promotional campaigns. In addition, we will also provide you our easy-to-use new eBook, “14 Steps to a Successful Mobile Guide App Promotion” which gives you advice and tips on how to best promote your app.

Q: What analytics does SPOTLIO provide?
A: SPOTLIO platform captures a wide range of detailed analytics on collective and individual app usage. Moreover, we offer customized analytics based on your specific needs and requests.

Q: What CMS system would the app use?
A: SPOTLIO App Builder Platform has its own easy-to-use CMS, the Management Console. See also Platform Overview for more information. Existing data feeds (agendas, events, and more) coming from existing Web based CMS are connected to the App Builder Platform as part of the included LOCAL DATA IMPORT PACK.

Q: On Mapping functionality can we change the name of a location or would that be developer function?
A: The name of a location can be changed on the fly in real-time through the Management Console and the Business Participant MANAGER APP together with many other profile information relating to participants.

Q: Are we responsible for any of the hosting of the content or is this included in the price?
A: No. This is Included.

Q: Will users need to login to use all features of the app or just some features?
A: Users will be able to access most features without needing to login. But features such as ‘add to favorites’, ‘download coupons’ etc will require login. Additionally, the app owner can choose to define private sections and categories within the app that are only accessible to logged-in users.

Q: Can the app be used offline?
A: Yes, the app has Offline Capabilities. Once your app has been downloaded by the user, the associated content is accessible even if the user goes offline. The partner (app owner) defines the content that is always available. All content that, by definition, requires connectivity (e.g. online booking, live streams etc) will display a “Missing Connectivity” message box.

Q: What is the setup cost for 3rd party integrations? What is the process for adding new integrations down the road?
A: Prices can vary depending on complexity.
With each new integration SPOTLIO works with the paying customer to define the scope and design layout. SPOTLIO then develops the integration and tests it within the app. Additionally, we maintain and update all integrations in use whenever needed.

Q: What would be the cost of season app changes?
A: It depends. Normally SPOTLIO works with its customers to define the changes they require. Then we design and implement these changes via the Management Console and, finally, we test them inhouse, This three step process usually takes between 3 to 18 hours. However, if a more indepth design revamp is required it can take longer.

Q: Is it possible to integrate with Trip Advisor and Yelp once that feature is made available?
A: Yes, it is.

Q: Do you have an API that would allow user profiles to be directly imported into a CRM?
A: Yes. We use the REST API that delivers user profile data, device data and location data. In addition, we integrate directly with MailChimp and all user data can be exported via the SPOTLIO Management Console in .csv format.(Full GDPR compliance guaranteed)

Q: What would be the benefit of Payment Gold? Would in-app purchases not be able to use the current payment service provider?
A: Yes, all in-app purchases done through one of the integrated booking channels will still be able to use the current payment service provider.
PAYMENT GOLD is only needed if you want to integrate a payment provider directly into the app which would allow you to make native app promotions sellable directly through the app.

Q: What happens if we do not select a service package or we go over the allotted hours per month? Do those hours roll over from month to month?
A: Firstly, just to clarify, all app updates relating to technical life cycle management i.e. regular technical updates and 24/7/365 support are included in the app subscription fee. No additional costs are incurred for this work.
Changes to design, content or layout such as might be required to reflect a change of season or to send notifications etc can be executed directly through the Management Console of the App Builder Platform by your inhouse online marketing team or by SPOTLIO. If you wish SPOTLIO to carry out this work you can choose to pay an hourly rate of $120 or purchase one of our SERVICE PACKS. Either the BASIC SERVICE PACK (6 hours / month) or the BUSINESS SERVICE PACK (12 hours / month). If you purchase one of our service packs and go over the allotted hours any additional hours are charged at $95 / hour. With regards to rolling over hours to the following month, normally this is not allowed. However, we are happy to offer more flexibility and apply the allotted hours on a yearly basis rather than a monthly basis. This means that if you choose the BUSINESS SERVICE PACK for example, you can use 72 hours / year irrespective of the monthly distribution, but the hours do not roll over into the following year.

Q: What booking systems does SPOTLIO integrate with?
A: SPOTLIO is an open, standards-based platform that can be integrated with virtually any destination, tourism and leisure operators booking system. Currently, SPOTLIO has pre-built integrations with Inntopia booking systems and Skidata ticket booking. Also, it is built to integrate XML and HTML5 data as part of its standard configuration. Set-up costs for other booking engines will vary depending on the complexity of the interfaces required.

Q: Will anything change with how we work with Inntopia items if we use SPOTLIO Direct Booking Layer?
A: No.

Q: Is my data and my customer data secure?
A: We make every effort to protect our customers and their users data. SPOTLIO does not reuse personal data stored in the SPOTLIO Platform without first securing explicit permission to do so. SPOTLIO uses Amazon Web Services for secure data hosting, backup and storage. These services are certified to PCI DSS Level 1, DIN ISO/IEC 27001, FISMA Moderate, HIPAA and SAS 16 standards.