Frequently asked questions and answers

General Information

SPOTLIO as a white-label Software As A Service (SAAS). What does it mean?

All of our solutions are white label which allows you to easily re-brand both your online platform and Destination app in line with your organisation brand style guide. Using your unique branding to offer your products or services using white-labeled tools is a great way to increase your revenue while reducing your spending. This allows you to:

• Keeps your business current.
• Land more clients.
• Customization and looking native.
• Saving time and money.
• Providing your users with cost-saving solutions.
• Expand your offerings quickly.
• Focus on your business.

How does SPOTLIO managed products work?

SETUP: We study and develop a product adapted to the look and feel of your brand.

SUBSCRIPTION: You pay a monthly or annual subscription that includes: support 8-20h mon-fri, maintenance, platform updates and improvements, account management and project management.


What does the setup of an App include?

Project management, onboarding session and support throughout the execution of the project, support with the design and initial structure of the app based on SPOTLIO proven experience and industry best practices. We also take care of publishing your app in the iTunes and Google play app stores and also ensure your app presence is up to date. SPOTLIO manages the full life cycle of your app which includes the launch and ongoing technical maintenance and updating.

Which content can be added in the app?

You can add unlimited contents to your App such as:

• Participants (providers such as Restaurants, Accommodation, shopping, Bars & Cafes, Culture, Activities…): providers can really shine a spotlight on their product with a great photo, creative text description and even special offers.
• Promotions: post promotions and add a text description, images, media links, and files.
• Events & News: communication to inform visitors about a specific event or keep visitors and guests up to date with important information.
• Direct Booking & Ticketing: your customers will be able to book their stay using their mobile devices. By making all your sellable products available through native apps and web apps you will see your revenue increase.
• Lift and Trails Status: real-time, interactive Trail Map Widget provides up-to-date information on the status of slopes, lifts and grooming.
• GPS tracking and friend finder: GPS Tracking and Friend Finder lets guests and locals track their performance and interact with their friends at the destination.
• Map platform: Customizable and interactive 2D and 3D maps.
• Weather and snow conditions.

Commerce Platform

How do SPOTLIO’s B2B and B2C Commerce solutions work?

SPOTLIO’s Commerce Platform is a powerful revenue-boosting solution that is fully compatible with Inntopia. Through Inntopia’s API, we gather information about your products and present it via frictionless booking pages that encourage your customers to complete their orders and build bigger packages. With an array of powerful features such as advanced caching technology that gives super fast search results, a single-page booking experience that allows customers to add multiple products across different product categories all from the same page. Book a free consultation with us today for a full overview of this powerful tool.

How does SPOTLIO’s Commerce Platform differ from other booking systems?

We are not a booking system but a booking platform that sits on top of Inntopia. That means you don’t need to set all the products again, we just take the information from Inntopia.

Interactive Maps

How does the management of SPOTLIO’s Interactive Maps work?

Interactive Maps are connected to our Map Management Console, which has an easy to use console which allows you to control and update all aspects of your maps from POI’s, to trail lengths. You can even map out your trails and runs with a built in Geographical Information System (GIS) that allows you to draw your runs and trails on maps and make click-and-drag alterations with ease.

What content on the Map Platform can I manage?

With our Map Management Console you can easily add, remove and update map content such as:
• Ski and biking trail routes or trail difficulty levels and lengths
• Live ski lift information
• Points of Interest, roads, tracks, parking, access points and businesses
• Business information such as opening hours, offers, images, etc.
• Activities on offer during different times of the year
• Out-of-map booking information such as images, links, prices, availability, etc.

Info Hub Platform

How is SPOTLIO’s Info Hub Platform managed?

Your staff can enter all of your resort’s daily operation data via their mobile devices or desktops. This data can then be used to update all of your digital communication channels including your SPOTLIO Destination App which can integrate the feeds seamlessly.

What types of activities can I manage through SPOTLIO’s DCP?

You can manage all types of activities all year round (winter and summer). Moving from ski runs and ski lifts to biking trails and zip wires is simple and effortless.