Whistler Blackcomb Mobile App Online Direct Booking System Reservation Solution Laptop
Whistler Blackcomb Mobile App Online Direct Booking System Reservation Solution Laptop

WHISTLER BLACKCOMB, British Columbia (Canada)

Whistler Blackcomb, North America’s #1 all-year-round resort, unlocks new revenue potential using SPOTLIO’s customizable Commerce Platform

"Working with SPOTLIO feels like working with a local partner. We continue to be amazed by the efficiency of their support service and their powerful project management tools. Within a few weeks of going live with SPOTLIO’s Commerce Layer, we were already breaking long standing sales records in our company. We are delighted with our choice of partner."
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Erik Austin

Vice President at Vail Resorts

Active Solutions

Commerce System
Whistler Blackcomb mountain destination has the highest online sales volume in North America coming directly through its own channel. Back in 2016, Whistler’s management team chose SPOTLIO to help them reach their challenging sales targets. Since then, the partnership has gone from strength to strength with an increase in the overall Online sales vs. Call Center sales. Revenue generated from year-round products such as rentals, lessons and activities have also experienced a significant rise. Today, Whistler continues to reap the rewards of fully integrating web-based and mobile-based channels into their overall marketing strategy.

By selecting SPOTLIO’s Customizable Commerce, Whistler Blackcomb has improved their customer conversion rates by increasing cart value and decreasing bounce-rates. All thanks to the dynamic packaging provided by SPOTLIO’s Commerce Platform and the faster search results obtained with modern caching technology that improve the customer experience.

The ability to display special offers and products available around the selected stay dates is another SPOTLIO empowered feature loved by Whistlers’ customers and also acts as an effective upselling tool.

Since launching their SPOTLIO Commerce layer, even Whistler Blackcomb’s suppliers and affiliated business, Whistler Heli-Skiing have improved their online presence and brand strength via their own customized online booking landing pages.

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