TOP OF TENERIFE, Canary Islands (Spain)

A revenue generating Mobile Destination Guide that matches visitors and locals with businesses, activities and events

"With a wealth of things to see and do on the beautiful island of Tenerife and over 200 local business partners, we wanted to provide a flexible, future-oriented online channel to promote exclusive deals, special events and promotions to tourists and locals alike. We wanted everyone to benefit from the best mobile marketing features both now and in the future. But we were also looking for measurable success through powerful analytical tools and data gathering. It’s great that SPOTLIO offers all of this and more through their easy-to-use App Builder Platform that we used to power the Top of Tenerife App."

Gerhard Gürtler

Owner, Gerhard Gürtler, HG-Crossmedia

Active Solutions

The Top of Tenerife app has successfully positioned itself as the leading online quality guide for tourists and residents in Tenerife. It can be viewed on a desktop or by downloading the native app direct to a mobile device to be used on the go. As the must-have online tool for live information regarding gastronomy, cultural events, activities, shopping and local lifestyle it also integrates the well known printed guide, mi-gusto Tenerife, that reaches around 300,000 people every year. A powerful app that has helped bring a community closer together whilst generating revenue for the participating businesses partners and the app owner.

With SPOTLIO’s state-of-the-art commercial app, the promoter has discovered a lucrative revenue stream for entrepreneurs, local businesses and retail associations by offering tourists and residents a complete guide for finding the best handpicked locations, amazing deals, and exclusive discounts and benefits. The promoter is also able to run effective marketing campaigns and further develop the guide by using the analytical data collected by the app to increase and broaden the audience. Also, with the addition of Direct Booking that allows users to book their stay, the future looks even brighter as the Top of Tenerife app continues to establish itself as an essential part of everyday life.

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