Aspen New Case Study booking layer
Aspen New Case Study booking layer

Stay Aspen Snowmass, Colorado (USA)

Stay Aspen Snowmass increases its website sales for the second year running with SPOTLIO’s Commerce Platform

"Thanks to SPOTLIO’s Commerce Layer, we have been able to grow our direct online sales and increase average cart value. The increase in speed has really made a difference to the customer booking experience. The improved user interface has also helped attract more quality suppliers who enrich our offers."
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Derek Hanrahan

Software Product Manager @ Aspen Ski Company

Active Solutions

Commerce System
Aspen Snowmass is a winter destination located in Pitkin County in western Colorado, USA. It offers four world-class skiing/snowboarding areas on four adjacent mountains close to the towns of Aspen and Snowmass. The four areas collectively form one of the most famous winter resorts in the world.

When SPOTLIO began working with Aspen Snowmass back in 2017 they were generating around $1 million USD a year in direct online sales through their website and were looking to grow. They had already identified slow speed issues as the main cause for their low conversion rates.

At the start of the project SPOTLIO carried out a thorough review of their online booking processes and identified further key areas where improvements could be made. These included the revamping of the booking user interface, the need for an intuitive, single-page booking experience with multiple product categories and flexible filter options. We also worked on the cart, which previously would not allow customers to add products such as rentals and lift tickets until a lodging had been selected.

Following the redesign of Stay Aspen Snowmass’ Commerce system and the introduction of our caching technology which radically improved search speeds, sales began to increase. Over the last two years they have continued to increase and now stand at around three times more than they were when the project began. The average cart value has also increased from around $2000 in 2017 to $2300 in 2019.

An unexpected result of the booking page upgrade has been the increase in the number of high quality suppliers attracted by the visibility and presentation of their accommodation. Stay Aspen Snowmass now has a website booking experience they can be proud of and that reflects the quality of their resorts. We love it when our customers win.

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