Baqueira Beret, Spain

SPOTLIO’s Resort App proves a perfect match for a resort brand fit for a king

"Baqueira Beret is a unique brand. So, when we went looking for a resort app, we knew it needed a solution that could offer advanced customization. Also, we develop a lot of our own software, so it needed the flexibility to integrate with our existing set up. SPOTLIO’s resort app delivered on both fronts, and the superior user experience means it’s a hit with our customers."

Xavi Ubeira

Director Comercial, Baqueira Beret
The Spirit of Baqueira
Baqueira Beret is Spain’s largest ski resort, and a favorite of the Spanish Royal family. It offers state-of-the-art facilities, world-class skiing and is steeped in history and tradition. At its heart is the desire to offer the very best customer experience known as 'The Spirit of Baqueira'.

In 2019, they were looking to launch a new resort app with a very specific set of requirements. It needed to integrate with their existing systems, many of which had been developed in-house, such as the BaqueiraPASS login. They also wanted it to offer their guests experience-enhancing features such as the ability to reserve a restaurant table, order food and beverages, follow their tracks and find their way around via an interactive 3D map.

They approached SPOTLIO with the project as it was able to offer the advanced customization needed to communicate the unique Baqueira spirit to their demanding customers and it’s app platform was also flexible enough to integrate with the range of non-standard software being used at Baqueira Beret.

The Spirit of Baqueira now on Mobile
Spotlio created an app that captures the uniqueness of the Baqueira Beret brand, and the number of daily active users show that it’s a hit with their guests. It fully integrates existing technology so customers can continue to log on to the app using the familiar BaqueiraPass, book tables using Revo, and order food and beverages using QR codes. The app also boasts a state of the art, interactive 3D map that guides users within the resort using GPS technology that locates them, together with all the points of interest including resort status information.
Finally, thanks to SPOTLIO’s Data Communication Platform, the app is simple to maintain and update.

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