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Become an expert and increase your bottom-line by staying closer to your customers during the journey

How to boost visitor experience with the effective communication of live resort data

by Albert Ferrando, CEO at SPOTLIO

In this webinar you’ll discover how to best use your resort data and information to enhance the guest experience. We will also be showing you how to save money and man hours with our powerful Data Communication Platform, which allows you to:

Enter all your live resort data in one, easy-to-use console
Curate and customize the data
• Automatically update all of your communication channels
• Map out your trails and runs with a built-in Geographical Information System (GIS)
• Generate operational reports with a single click
• Assign different roles and access levels for all team members
• Manage multiple-resorts and seasons

Don’t miss this one. Join us on Wednesday, September the 16th , at 9am (San Francisco), 10am (Denver), 12pm (New York) and 6pm (St. Moritz) for 30 minutes including a live Q&A session.
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How to boost visitor experience with the effective communication of live resort data