A look into the mind of Spotlio’s CEO, Albert Ferrando

In this December 2022 interview, Albert explains the history and shares future goals of Spotlio, the company behind some of the ski industries’ most sought after technologies.

How and when was SPOTLIO born?


SPOTLIO was founded in 2012, at the time of the boom of mobile apps.
Thanks to my time at Skidata, a leading company in access control for ski resorts, and thanks to having experience creating another startup related to the world of snow, my partner and I saw the opportunity to develop apps for mountain destinations, mainly ski resorts.



What do you think has been the key to the success and growth that SPOTLIO has experienced during its first decade / What significant events would you highlight in the past 10 years of history?


SPOTLIO is a company that listens to the needs of its customers. They are the ones who request new features because no one knows the needs of the ski market better than the resorts themselves. We have been fortunate to have clients such as Vail Resorts or Boyne, leading companies in the ski market in the United States. Serving the needs of these ski giants has led us to a level of specialization that is hard to beat. This experience now allows us to take our new clients by the hand and accompany them on their journey towards digitalization.



A year ago, SPOTLIO merged with Skitude, your main competitor, what was the reason?


In December 2020, Skitude Holdings AS, a Norwegian investment group, bought SPOTLIO. Previously in 2019 that group had already bought our competitor Skitude.  It didn’t make much sense to remain competitors if our parent company was the same, so in December 2021 we merged.

It was a smart merger, since SPOTLIO had consolidated the North American market and Skitude was very strong in the European market.

As a result of the merger, today we work with more than 170 ski resorts worldwide. We have clients from Poland to the West Coast. We have not yet entered the Pacific market; Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand, although we do have a small representation in South America.



What are SPOTLIO’s plans for growth in the coming years?


To continue to grow in the European markets, mainly in the Alps and Scandinavia.

In parallel, we aspire to be the Netflix of digital solutions for mountain destinations. Our goal is that through a single platform, our customers can purchase all the digital products they need for their resort- and they do, and we become a staple in every mountain resorts’ tech stack.



What do you think are the largest technological challenges in mountain destinations?


Ski resorts increasingly need to better manage their resources. One of the options that is gaining ground is to outsource departments, especially those related to technology, since keeping up to date in this area takes too much time and internal resources.

Therefore, companies like SPOTLIO become especially relevant.

Spotlio acts as the expert on digital solutions and uses our expertise to advise and accompany the client in the resolution of any and all technological challenges. By doing so we allow the resorts to focus their efforts and resources on other important needs.

As I mentioned earlier, our challenge is to offer a single platform that can provide a solution to all the technological needs that a resort has, from the development of its website, e-commerce, apps, all the way to digital maps. Next is the management of all the information generated by these channels to bring it together, acting as a single provider, a central powerhouse, which facilitates the daily management of the resort.



And finally, what differentiates SPOTLIO from other technology providers?


10 years of specialization in the sector. 10 years of listening to our customers and anticipating their needs. These 10 years have given us the support and recognition to position ourselves as leaders in the continuous development of digital solutions for mountain destinations.

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