3 fascinating facts about online booking habits

Understanding your customers’ online shopping habits will help you reach them easier. Read below for 3 crucial tips on reaching online shoppers and securing your online revenue streams.

We at SPOTLIO understand the importance of knowing where your customers ‘hangout’ is and we can help you ‘bump into’ them more often so that you can inspire them and influence their buying decisions along their customer journey.


These 3 little-known facts regarding booking habits will help you develop a more effective, 360° eTourism marketing strategy and reach today’s smartphone savvy tourists with personalized and relevant content.


FACT 1: A typical tourist, when choosing a holiday destination, has around 419 individual, decision-influencing micro-moments over a two month period where they visit webpages, carry out searches and view video content.


Today’s breed of adventure-seeking individuals are in search of personalized experiences with companies that share a kindred spirit. Jumping from webpage to mobile app with effortless ease they search for inspiration. Then, once found, they continue their online journey until they have planned, booked, prepared, experienced and shared their holiday.


The challenge for today’s destinations and all its service providers is to bump into these individuals as many times as possible during the customer journey and to deliver relevant, decision-influencing content in line with today’s booking habits.


To help in this process SPOTLIO offers a complete 360° eTourism approach. By focusing on each step of the customer journey, we develop tools that engage the customer and influence their buying decisions.


FACT 2: 87% of these micro-moments occur on a mobile device.


According to Michael Berry, president of the National Ski Areas Association, in the USA “the person who skis the most in a given year is 65 or older,” and the BBC claims that more than two-thirds of those who ski in the UK are aged between 43 to 65. The aging demographic of regular skiers is a challenge to all mountain destinations. Attracting the younger millennial generation who are currently aged between 23 and 38 years old is critical to securing the future.


A photographer *eats* with his camera. A photographer *sleeps* with his camera.


It’s not often I quote from Superman, but what’s true for photographers and their cameras is also true for Millennials and their mobile devices. When the older baby boomers go to bed only half of them take their mobile devices with them; but when the millennials decide to turn in for the night this figure jumps to a whoping 83%!


This growing love affair between the millennials and their mobile devices is unprecedented and if you want them to fall in love with your resort you have to meet them and talk to them on the mobile devices they adore.


Destination Apps are a great way of showcasing your resort to a younger audience and SPOTLIO’s apps are leading the way with integrated direct booking, vibrate images and experience-enriching features such as GPS tracking, friend finder and informative, interactive 3D maps.


FACT 3: Conversion rates on apps are four times higher than mobile websites.


Booking online is now an established sales channel for most destinations. However, mobile apps have now developed into highly sophisticated communication channels incorporating quick and frictionless booking pages. As the mobile revolution continues to take hold, destinations need to maximise their online potential with customised booking pages on websites and mobile apps.


This finding is backed up by the fact that many destinations and travel companies that already have a booking app are reporting around 60% of their transactions are now coming via mobile.


Inspiration, planning, booking, preparation, experiencing and sharing. These are the six steps that make up the customer journey.


If you need help meeting your customers during these stages we can set up a free consultation with one of the SPOTLIO experts.

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If mountain destinations are to win the hearts of the younger generations they must embrace a complete 360° eTourism approach.


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Ram Mikulas

Ram has been working in the ski industry for the last 15 years and currently supports SPOTLIO Customer Success efforts in North America from Colorado, USA. He is also a Board Director of the US Ski Mountaineering Association and has in-depth knowledge of customer and resort needs. As a Sales Manager at SPOTLIO, he is fully focused on supporting our customers to provide the best possible customer experience and service.