14 Steps to a Successful Mobile Guide Promotion

Learn how to execute successful app promotion and increase your app downloads and usage following these easy steps below.

Voila! You’ve just completed the creation of your destination app and are preparing to launch it in the app stores. But don’t pop the cork on that champagne just yet. Remember, there are over 2.2 millions apps available to download on both iOS and Android and getting your app found and downloaded is a whole new ball game.


You might have the most engaging, not-to-be missed destination app available but if nobody downloads it then it will fail right off the bat. The problem for many app owners is a failure to appreciate the flawed nature of the app store search system and the importance of creating a pre-launch plan for their mobile app promotion.


The bad news is that Apple’s App Store and the Google Play platform search systems are inadequate to satisfy the supply and demand explosion of the mobile app ecosystem. The good news, however, is that there are hundreds of ways to promote your app and attract your target audience.


In this blog we look specifically at 14 of the most effect steps that you can take to ensure you mobile destination app gets off to a flying start:


1. Create a mobile-responsive micro-site
A simple, clear and effective landing page is a great way to showcase your app and leave your users with only one call-to-action: download your app. Take a look at Boyne Mountains landing page for a great example.


2. Create and distribute an App preview
They say a video is worth 1.8 million words. Maybe that’s why an app preview video is the most effective way to communicate the benefits of downloading your destination app to potential users. Make it simple and short (no more than 1 minute) and be creative! Click here to see an example done for Ski Big3.


3. Tease your existing audience with a taster of your upcoming mobile guide app
A few weeks prior to launch, use your blog and email newsletter as kindling to start the promotional fires and offer incentives, like early-bird access or free trial membership. Try to reach out to the press and share your news with them. Do the same with bloggers, influencers and industry key players. They’re super-connectors for your mobile app.


4. Prepare your destination app for the app stores
This is a key piece of text that needs to be short and super sweet. Use the minimum amount of words to get your value across, about 80-100 should do it. Back-up your carefully considered words and beautifully designed app preview images to really stand out from the pack. Click here for an example of a SPOTLIO created app store presence. A good App Store Optimisation strategy is also critical and can be the difference between being found in the spotlight or forgotten in search position #973 of the app store!


5. Communicate your app online
Integrate either your App Landing Page or deep link URL into your existing online communications by promoting it in email campaigns, websites, social networks, newsletters etc. If your pockets stretch a little deeper, paid advertising is also a great tool to communicate your app online.


6. Communicate your app offline
Make sure your destination app is present everywhere by also promoting it through offline channels such as: billboards, radio stations, ski station access points, printed publications, parking lots, cash desks, cable lifts, etc… Old school still works!


7. Create Viral Loops
The best way to raise awareness for a new mobile app is through word of mouth. So, add a sharing mechanism that incentivises your early adopters to invite 5 friends each by connecting to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


8. Convert your customers into registered users
Increase user registration by promoting the in-app features that are exclusive to registered users or by organising raffles and contests. Remember to send push notification to inform your users who won to demonstrate that everything that happens on the app is real.


9. Teach your registered users how to personalise the app
Encouraging users to spend a little time personalizing the app is a great way to ensure they keep coming back. Features such as notifications, My coupons, preferences, favorites, and My profile are all great ways to increase customer engagement. You just need to guide them to the menu and let them explore.


10. Allow users to improve your mobile destination app
Encouraging users to share their proposals with you is a great way to make them feel empowered. SPOTLIO apps all come with an optional ‘Create Proposal’ widget where users can upload an image, take a photo or type a comment if needed.


11. Create recurring notifications and event plans
Set up the Preferences page to better segment your users (Snowboarders, Skiers, Family, Locals, Singles, etc…). And send 2 or 3 segmented push notifications per week, based on customer Preferences, especially to those users nearby. Also, create an events’ plan, keep your public agenda up to date and highlight your events.


12. Monitor and manage your mobile guide reviews
App stores place a lot of value on reviews and ratings when ranking your app. So encourage users to review your apps and quickly address any negative reviews directly. Reviews and ratings are an important part of app store visibility. SPOTLIO includes this service as standard for all our partners who subscribe to our App Platform.


13. Develop in-app advertising
You can monetize your app by placing paid banners or categories for partners, local businesses or maybe even big companies. Start by setting up a list of prices based on the available periods and placements and sharing it with potential advertisers.


14. Get ready for next season
Don’t forget to check out your app analytics section if it has one. All SPOTLIO apps come with a powerful analytics module that allows app owners to measure the success of their app and any changes they make. Identify at a glance the most visited content in the app and plan the new design accordingly.


While experimentation and creativity are encouraged in the innovative new world of mobile app promotion, you can’t afford to overlook the basics. Create a pre-launch checklist that’s specific to your needs and research what others have done before. Understand the rules thoroughly before you decide to break any of them! Realise that getting the download isn’t the only goal. If you keep listening to your customers and adding value where it matters then you can achieve a long life of high engagement and an increasing number of regular users motivated to help you share and improve your destination app.


If you’d like to learn more about executing a successful app promotion download our free ebook now.

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Ram Mikulas

Ram has been working in the ski industry for the last 15 years and currently supports SPOTLIO Customer Success efforts in North America from Colorado, USA. He is also a Board Director of the US Ski Mountaineering Association and has in-depth knowledge of customer and resort needs. As a Sales Manager at SPOTLIO, he is fully focused on supporting our customers to provide the best possible customer experience and service.